Yoga Retreats

Whether for a week or a weekend, get your yoga fix, and get a better fix on your yoga practice with retreats led by Dwayne. The retreats offer a varied mix of vinyasa flow, workshop formats, Gyrokensis® and and an approach inspired by  various somatic practices. The retreats are built to be a bubble into which you can dive, forget the outside world for a bit and then emerge energised with a deeper understanding of your practice. 

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Refresh your soul. Feel free to shine.

3 day yoga retreat in a Monastery in the Eifel. 7-9.4.17

Stretch your weekend as long as your breath, with three days of yoga, hiking and community.  The food will be lovingly prepared by David and Philip and is without exaggeration the absolutely best thing your will ever experience in your entire life. The yoga will include smooth vinyasa flow formats and workshops formats led by Dwayne and Lorena Hinz. Bonfires and Backbends.  Breath and Being.  Come out of hibernation with élan. 

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Imperia Italy


Amazing landscape, incredible food, and more  yoga than you might have imagined you would celebrate. Develop and discover more depth in your practice, or just escape into your breath. In a small mill, in a small village, 10 minutes from the Italien Riveria, join us for a magical week that is as indulgent as a hot bubble bath and as good for you as broccoli. 

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For any yoga teacher looking for a location to host their own retreats, contact David and Phillip can help you organise everything, from food to location to planning.