Asanas in Aktion

Asanas in Aktion - Trusting the inherent intelligence of the body. Basic-Advanced yogis can rewardingly participate.

The goal of this workshop is seeing the asanas as actions in space and not as fixed ideals to be achieved. By experiencing the freedom and efficiency of lightness in movement, the yogis will be guided towards exploring, understanding and trusting the anatomic intelligence and sensual capacities of their own body. We will focus on learning to more clearly direct energy to discover what the asanas "do". By integrating an awareness of the skeletal structure, tuning in to feedback from the nervous system and observing the physical effects of a robust breath practice we will be gliding, flowing, rolling and sliding between, in and out of the asanas.



Complex, not Complicated

Complex, not Complicated – Basic-Advanced yogis can rewardingly participate.


Expansive, enriching and pleasurable movement qualities discovered through complexity in attitude and approach. The focus of this workshop is the exploration and application of various ideas, metaphors and concepts from dance and somatic practices on our yoga practice. The goal is discovering the joy of complexity in body, attitude and thought and the power that has to bring feeling, pleasure and flow to your yoga practice

"Asanas in Action" and "Complex not Complicated" comprise the fundamental understanding of how I approach yoga. 


Happy Hip-Star

Happy Hip-Star – Basic-Advanced yogis can rewardingly participate. 

This workshop is about demystifying the hips and more specifically, the connection between the pelvis, the spine and the femur bones. We will share a trove of collected ideas and approaches for exploring the complexity and mobility of the hip joint. This workshop is also thoroughly infused with lightness, because working on the hips is also sometimes just hard. 


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Seeking Shivasana


 5. Seeking Shivasana. Basic to Advanced.

A vinyasa flow workshop designed to thoroughly prepare you for the peak-asana shivasana. With humour, imagery and sweat, this workshop is designed to celebrate and challenge your capacity to change the material conditions of your body through your yoga practice. You will flow, bend, twist, glide, expand and breathe, and will be rewarded for your engagement with the self-made heroin(e) that is Shivasana, Bliss, Ananda.


Moving like you mean it..jpg

Moving like you mean it.


Ideal for yogis looking to expand their physical practice.

A mat-less yoga workshop that puts the meditation into movement. We will crawl, walk on hands and feet, explore our inner animals and put our practices into play. It focuses on learning, applying and integrating simple movement principles, to help you develop richer movement qualities, travel across space with pleasure and ease, and surprise yourself with everything you are capable of. This workshop has been offered at the Groove Festival in Cologne, SpiritYoga Aachen, Lord Vishnu’s Couch and Yoga Loft in Cologne.


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Standing Tall

 “Standing Tall” is a workshop that focuses on learning to embrace challenge, and to develop the skills, strength, and heart necessary to push your practice into the realm of what you cannot yet do. With a strong focus on handstand and forearm stands, Standing tall is a positive and fun workshop for yogis who want to explore a challenging path and to learn how to make these challenging inversions possible

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