Dance Works

The following are works of dance created by me, along with scores of amazing people.


What we could have been,

A work of dance and music for 6 performers that takes an affirmative attitude to the post-modern condition. The audience is invited to move around the performance space- no perspective is complete- while the performers engage in a ritual of identity creation.

Premier 2.12.16 Tanzfaktur. Cologne Germany


Can't you see that we are busy right now?

A very physical exploration of the capacity to create and share performative states. This work follows a current interest on performances as rituals as roles are created, exchanged and exhausted in a space ringed by the audience. 

Premier 4.12.15 Tanzfaktur. Cologne, Germany



14 minutes of running, falling, throwing, banging, rolling, sometimes bleeding, laughing, screaming, searching, tripping, convulsing , exhausting. 

Premier. 30.07.14 Tanzfaktur Cologne, Germany.