For over 20 years I have been preoccupied with the capacity movement has to entrance in both production and reception aesthetics.  My path started with an abrupt bend at 17 years of age into ballet where I worked for 15 years as a professional dancer in American and Germany. My interest in yoga sprung from this and has followed it since I was 23. After quitting ballet, I completed my bachelor in contemporary stage dance in Cologne, followed by a Masters of Dance studies. I am currently writing a doctoral dissertation in Dance Studies. My interests in movement have led me to create my own choreographic work as well as leading dance, yoga and Gyrokeneis ® workshops.


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Dwayne Holliday danced in Cincinnati Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Deutsch Oper am Rhein, Theater Ulm.

He worked for 5 years as a writer for Dance Europe magazine.

Besides teaching yoga, he is a Certified Gyrokenesis Method® instructor.

He currently creates and dances in the field of free-lance contemporary dance. 

He has taught ballet, contemporary dance, and improvisation classes for professional companies  and universities in Europe and the United States.